Rethink the Film Market

Artinii fills in the gap between VOD and a standard theatrical release. Our community-driven content distribution model allows us to find possible audiences for you.

Once an order is placed, we securely deliver your film to the venue using our proprietary technology.


How can Artinii help me?

By adding movie to our catalogue, you can reach much larger audience.


Easy Setup

Distributing your work to an audience is straightforward.


Global Distribution

Our screening communities are located on nearly every continent.



Your dashboard includes all the data related to your screenings and revenue.



All films are stored securely. Every film receives a watermark. Your film is only playable by the Artinii Player.



Will my film fit Artinii's catalogue?
Artinii specializes in a whole assortment of films. Audiences have diverse tastes, so do we.
How does Artinii prevent piracy?
Throughout the entire distribution process, the film is fully secured. When stored, the film can not be accessed by anyone. When transferring the film to a customer in the Artinii Player, it is encrypted so that it cannot be copied. And it cannot be played in any other player. Each film is stamped with watermarks to decrease chance of piracy.
Why do customers have to use the Artinii Player?
The Artinii Player is our proprietary tool that makes film transfers safe and enables film to be screened in full quality. Our security measures are based on the Player itself. It is our way to ensure your rights are not compromised. Only clients that purchased your license and have the Artinii Player can screen your films.

Filling the Seats

Artinii uses deep data analysis to locate the right audience for your films.

Our custom recommendation engine suggests your films to the communities interested in your genre.

Need some help?

An Artinii representative is a click away.