Artinii is a community-driven film distribution tool. This sophisticated online platform creates access to community-focused global audiences. Ones who are hard to reach through standard distribution channels.

What we do

Artinii finds the right audience and community leaders around the globe for your AV content. Have screenings in markets you were never able to reach or revive movies you considered already dead.

Who can benefit

From the perspective of screening organizers Artinii is on-line movie database with fast and easy access to AV content. With just a few clicks choose the right content, buy the rights of desired number of screenings and download directly selected content.

For the right owners

Artinii gathers all kinds of movies for strongly focused audience. As non-exclusive rights owner we sell particular content around the globe directly to active community ambassadors. We mainly specialize in narrowly focused content for which we are able to find the right audience in local communities with its natural leaders, but we are open to any AV content. We offer direct download of content in encrypted files and more…

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    Easy agreement
  3. Open platform
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    Direct online payments
  5. More versions of security
  6. Other tools for right owners

For screening organizers

Artinii offers broad variety of AV content. Peek in our database and choose the movie you like. Or fill our short questionnaire and let us pick the right one for you, your audience or any special event.

Past events

Spiritual Cinema


Find communities in Czech Republic with interest in spiritual cinema


Spiritual movies


50+ sold out screenings over 3 years for audience with interest in inner development and spiritual cinema.

€38K turnover & 7500 admissions

Elementary School


Find Czech communities outside of Czech Republic


Screening of „Elementary School“ (1991, Jan Svěrák) – 80th Birthday Anniversary Celebration of directors father and main actor in this movie Zdeněk Svěrák.


80+ screenings in Czech communities outside of Czech republic (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc.).

€12k turnover & 9600 admissions

Available jobs

Want to join us? We’re currently looking for:

Python Backend Developer

(Are you familiar with Python and all related web tech like Django and DRF?)

Angular Frontend Developer

(Do you know how to build efficient, beautiful and secure apps with Angular et al.?)

Web Graphic Designer

(Got UI&UX design skills? Are you more than up to date with current design trends?)



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